Mozzarella Sticks- (6) served w. our home-made Marinara Sauce. $8.75

NY Pretzels $7.75 - side of cheese dipping sauce +.1.50

Classic Cheesy Fries - topped w. a mix of three cheeses melted. $6.5

Philly Cheese Steak Egg Rolls - w. our special dipping sauce. $10.25

Devil Fries - Coated fries w/ Medium hot sauce w. chili and melted cheese. $10.75

Veggie & Hummus Platter - Fresh Hummus and Veggies. $10.75

Buffalo Shrimp - Fresh Shrimp fried and tossed in Buffalo Sauce. $12


              beef kabobs - cubed strip steak skewered with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes and                                                           served over asian noodles. $13

Pulled Pork Empanadas - (2) w. our special dipping sauce. $9

Mac & Cheese Balls. $9.5

Chicken Pot Stickers -  w. our special dipping sauce. $9.5

baked clams -chopped clams, parsley, oregano & bread crumb filling, baked in white wine sauce. $12.75

spinach artichoke dip -chopped spinach combined with artichoke hearts and cream          cheese. served with tortilla chips. $10

fish tacos -freshly battered white fish tossed with onions, avocados and tomato salsa and garnished with coleslaw. $12.75



Chicken. $11

Ragin' Cajun. $13

Veggie. $12

Philly Steak. $12.5

frickin' stickens. $13



Cheeseburger. $10

French Dip. $10.75

Buffalo Chicken. $10.75

Pulled Pork. $10.75

Turkey. $10.75


southland sloppy.$10.75


Fries & Rings

Regular Fries. $5

Cheesy Fries. $5

CURLY Fries. $5

Sweet Potato Fries. $6

Onion Rings. $6

Rings&Fries Combo. $5



cheese and bacon[3]


Classic. $9.5

Chicken. $12

Chili. $12.5

Pulled Pork. $12.5

Soups, Chowder & Chili

Crock of Chili. $7.5 | French Onion Soup. $7.5  | New England Clam Chowder Bowl. $7.5 | Chicken Noodle Soup Bowl. $7


*Add | Chicken. $5 | Pulled Pork. $5 | Shrimp. $6| Salmon. $7 | Steak. $8


Cobb Salad - Marinated grilled chicken on mixed greens w. avocado, bacon, tomatoes, olives & sliced hardboiled egg topped w. Gorgonzola cheese. $15

Ahi Tuna Salad - Fresh Pan Seared Tuna on mixed greens w. wonton strips, cherry tomatoes & avocados served w. Cucumber Wasabi Dressing on the side. $16

House Salad [lg] - Iceberg and Romaine lettuce w. tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, olives & your choice of dressing. $7 w.Gorgonzola Cheese. $10

     house salad [sm] - $5 w. gorgonzola cheese. $7                                Caeser Salad - w. fresh dressing and Parmesan cheese . $8

                                     caesar salad [sm] -$6

bbq ranch chicken - marinated, grilled chicken served on mixed greens with avocados, tomatoes,cucumbers, grilled corn & peppers mixed and topped with fried onions and served with our bbq ranch dressing. $15

harvest salad - baby spinach topped with candies walnuts, dries cranberries and crumbled goat cheese with marinated, grilled chicken, served with a sherry vinaigrette. $15

rudy's frickin stickens salad - fresh lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers and olives, topped with our house-made breaded chicken strips in any of our 80+ wing sauces. $13.5



*All wings come with celery and your choice of blue cheese or ranch dressing.

Small - 10 Wings 1 Flavor. $10.75 | Large - 20 Wings 2 Flavors. $19.5 | X-Large - 30 Wings 3 Flavors. $28.75



Naked Buffalo





Lenny Hot

Liquid Hot Magma




Honey BBQ


Hot BBQ Ranch

Honey BBQ Teriyaki

Malt & Salt

Jerk Style

Hawaiian Style

Vermont Style



Hot Teriyaki

Garlic Parmesan

Hot Teriyaki Garlic Parm

Honey Mustard

Hot Honey Mustard


Sweet & Sour

Thai Chili

Hot Bleu Cheese


Asian Sensation

General Tso's


Tequila Lime


Dry Rub


Salt & Pepper


Maryland Bay

rudy's frickin stickins. $9.75 | Extras - Dressings- $.50 - Sauce- $.75 - Celery- $.75


*All burgers are served on a brioche roll w. a pickle and your choice of regular or waffle fries. lettuce, tomato and red onions by request.

classic. - 8oz. burger. $10

   xl classic - 10oz. burger. $12

     double header - 2x8oz. burgers. $17

     chicken - burger. $10.5


     House Special Burgers

            drunken cow - 8oz burger topped with bacon, onion rings, melted cheddar cheese and                                                        basted in our bourbon wing sauce. $13

            rhino burger- 10oz. burger topped with spicey onions, mushrooms, bacon and covered                                                               with pepper jack cheese. $15

            patty melt - 8oz. burger between texas toast, topped with sauteed onions and covered                                                           with melted swiss & american cheeses. $12


       burger upgrades

         any wing sauce - marinara - salsa [.50 ea]

  american - swiss - pepper jack - cheddar - provolone-      mozzarella [ 1. ea]

          sauteed onions - sauteed mushrooms - hot peppers - jalapeno - sweet pepper strips - fried                                                           onions - roasted red peppers [ 1. ea]

                   bacon - fried egg - avocado - SPICY onions - guacamole - gorgonzola [ 1.5 ea]

    chili - pulled pork - veggies - brie cheese - mac & cheese [ 3. ea]

    upgrade your fries to sweet potato fries or onion rings [ 1.5 ]







Pulled Pork - Our classic pulled pork made in-house - dry-rubbed and cooked for 15 hours then mixed in our BBQ sauce & served on a fresh roll. $13

              *upgrade [add] coleslaw and cheddar cheese [ 1. ea]

The Birdie - Marinated grilled chicken topped w. roasted red peppers and melted mozzarella cheese - served on a fresh roll. $13.5

Steak Sandwich - Grilled NY strip steak sliced thin w. caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms served on a garlic wedge. $16

Cajun Sandwich - Grilled chicken breast covered in our special blend of Cajun seasoning & topped w. bacon caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo. $14

Chicken Sandwich - Marinated grilled chicken w. your choice of plain, BBQ or Buffalo sauce, topped w. lettuce & tomato - served on a fresh roll. $13

Philly Cheese Steak - Thinly sliced rib-eye steak topped w. onions, green & red peppers, and melted American cheese - served on a wedge. $13

Al's Almost Famous - BBQ pulled pork topped w. spicy onions, chili, Cheddar cheese and coleslaw. served on a garlic wedge. $16

French Dip - Thin slices of our freshly made roast beef served on a roll w. a side of delicious au jus. $14



Ranch Chicken Wrap - Marinated grilled chicken strips w. lettuce, tomatoes, and smoked bacon topped w. ranch dressing. $13.5

Chicken Caesar Wrap - Marinated grilled chicken strips w. chopped Romaine lettuce & croutons mixed together in our Caesar salad dressing. $13

Turkey & Bacon Club Wrap- Freshly sliced turkey breast w. lettuce, tomatoes, smoked bacon, avocados & mayo. $13

chicken cranberry panini - marinated, grilled chicken with baby spinach, cranberry aioli, bacon, brie cheese and cranberry apple chutney. $14

turkey avocado panini - fresh, smoked sliced turkey with arugula, avocado spread, roasted peppers and provolone cheese. $14.5

grilled chicken wrap - marinated, grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, sliced avocado, provolone,with sun-dried tomato aioli. $14

roasted veggie & hummus wrap - mixed greens, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, grilled squash, fresh mint and homemade hummus with a hint of lemon zest. $14



Beer Battered Fish & Chips - Yuengling battered fish, deep fried to a golden brown, served w/ fries and one side of your choice. $19

NY Strip Steak - A thick cut of strip steak topped w. sherry mushrooms & melted Gorgonzola cheese served w. a side salad and one side of your choice. $24

Apple Wood Chicken - 1/2 Chicken smoked in-house then grilled under a flatiron & served w. a side salad and one side of your choice. $18

Baby Back Ribs- Made in-house, smoked for hours then dry rubbed & finished on the grill & covered w. our BBQ sauce.served with a side salad and one side of your choice. Full rack - $25. Half rack - $16.

chicken madeira - sauteed chicken breast topped with fresh portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and melted mozzarella. served in a mushroom madeira red wine sauce, with a side salad and one side of your choice. $18

glazed terriyaki grilled salmon - a pan-seared salmon filet served over vegetables with fried rice garnish and crispy wontons. served with a side salad. $19

pork chops scarpariello - sauteed pork chops with roasted garlic, cherry peppers, sliced sausage and roasted potatoes. served with a side salad. $20

chicken pot pie - slow-roasted chicken, carrots, peas, celery and onions in a rich cream sauce,covered with a flaky crust and served with a side salad. $17



*All sides are also available a la carte

Mac & Cheese | Green Beans | Sauteed Onions | Hot Spicy Onions | Roasted Corn & Peppers | Cole Slaw | Garlic Mashed Potatoes | Corn Bread 


prices are subject to change without notice